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Types of Researcher Jobs

Researchers pursue their interests and utilize and apply specialized skills in order to learn new things, solve problems or to do something no one else has ever done. They work in their job field or in laboratories for industrial advancements, for government studies or in academic positions.

Medical Research Scientist

Conducting experiments related to medicine, medical researchers work to improve or develop medicines and treatment related products. They may also focus on health and disease related issues including prevention, diagnosis or cause related research. The research may use animal and human volunteers. A medical scientist generally works in a research institution, a hospital or in higher education, government or industrial laboratories. Responsibilities include planning, conducting, recording and interpreting experiments and results. In addition, a research scientist may be required to collaborate with other research teams, to teach, write grants and research papers.

Life or Biological Science Researchers

From microscopic organisms to plants and animals, life science researchers study living organisms and their relationship to the environment. Life science researchers often specialize with a certain type of organism, disease or in a particular field such as researching aquatic creatures, cancer or viruses. The research is conducted to either expand current knowledge about living cycles and animals or is directed towards finding a solution to a problem. Life science researchers work in government agencies, for colleges and universities and for industrial laboratories.

Agricultural Researchers

Researchers in the agricultural field may work for government agencies, in educational institutions or for research based companies. Research is based around food and agricultural products. Agricultural researchers may work with food, fibers, animals, insects or plants to develop or improve food production, food safety and quality.

Mathematician Researchers

Mathematician researchers commonly collaborate with other scientists in industrial settings to apply mathematical processes for commercial functions. Research work involves attempting to prove theories or to explain or predict outcomes such as the spread of cancer or identifying trends. Math researchers may create mathematical models to test or explain an idea, theory or concept or may make recommendations based on a mathematical analysis.

Physical Scientist Researchers

The physical sciences dealing with non-living systems provide the settings for physical scientist researchers. The fields in which a physical science researcher may pursue a career are in astronomy, chemistry, earth science, meteorology, physics and material science. Employment opportunities will be in industrial, academic or manufacturing laboratories.

Research Psychologist

Psychologists working in academic fields generally conduct research related to their field of study or specialization as part of their responsibilities. Additionally, psychologists in the field may conduct research related to their employment or positions in government, health, industrial and educational settings. Research psychologists are interested in the minds and behaviors of humans and animals. Research topics cover a wide range of studies. Examples of research areas include basic studies of brain functions or behavioral issues of particular groups or extensive studies on complex social interactions within a community.

Program Researcher

A program researcher works with producers, directors and writers to research program specific facts, develop new program ideas and support the film, radio or television production team. They may also conduct interviews for potential cast members for shows, check and verify background information and facts concerning sources and contacts or verify the suitability of a project or research project related legal issues.

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