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10 Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

The job interview should not be a one-way street, but rather a boulevard in which traffic is freely flowing in both directions. Take the initiative and anticipate the interview questions before they are asked. When you take an active role in the interview process, you reveal that you are taking the job and your role seriously. Asking questions is also a great way to work in skills and talents you possess instead of waiting for the right question to reveal this aspect.

What are some specific responsibilities of the job?

Ask about the responsibilities and important tasks assigned to the position to show an interest in the job. You should arrive with a basic understanding of the skills required, and this question shows that you have come armed with some knowledge of the job and are asking further information regarding the job's responsibilities.

Does the company value cooperation or competition between workers?

Be prepared to give examples of how you have used both cooperation and competition in the past to perform better on the job. Asking this question allows you to perhaps get a better understanding of how the company operates and at least gives you an opening to show that you can excel in either situation.

What are the company's goals?

Inquire about the overall goals of the company to determine if it is the right fit for you. Remember, you are also interviewing them for a job.

What does this company value the most?

Asking about the company's values serves two purposes. It reveals that you are mature enough to understand that a corporate entity actually does possess a uniform value system. It also allows you to determine whether those values align with yours.

What makes you stay with this company?

Give the interviewer a chance to reveal something to you about the company that you may not know. This question also works on a psychological level. It is such an unusual question that it will probably serve to make you look far more comfortable, confident and less nervous than other applicants.

Research question

Ask a question that is based on timely research into the company that you have conducted. Come up with a question about how the company may be affected by current merger rumors or what the expectations are for a product in development. This question shows you are knowledgeable and serious.

Is there financial help to further education?

Show that you are interested in bettering yourself and in the process becoming a more valuable commodity to the company by asking about opportunities for the company to help with your education. Make it clear you are asking in reference to furthering your education as it relates to the position at hand or a future position that requires more responsibility.

What one trait is shared by successful workers here?

Learning the one trait that makes other workers successful may or may not really help you at all. If it does, that would be terrific. The real reason to ask this question is to further reveal your desire to become a successful part of the company.

Opportunities for advancement and promotion?

Showing that you are actually interested in advancement and promotion is a vital part of any interview process. Don't allow yourself to forget this question just because it seems so obvious.

How soon will I be hearing back from you?

Ask directly how soon you will be hearing back from the interviewer instead of merely asking if you will hear back from them. It is a more forceful and confident way of framing the question. You also really do want to find out when the decision is going to be made so you aren't still waiting a week after someone else started the job.

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