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Get a Postal Carrier Job

The U.S. Postal Service is a quasi-governmental entity that operates as an independent business. The Postal Service does not rely on tax-payer money to operate, but rather generates its own revenue though the sale of services. Employees of the Postal Service are eligible for federal employee health benefits, life insurance, retirement and federal workers compensation benefits. Postal carriers are employees who deliver packages, letters and periodicals to customers. They also can sell stamps and other postal products on their route.

Online Application Process

Go to the employment application portal of the U.S. Postal Service's website.

Click on the link "search jobs online."

Select the state, zip code on from the menu and choose "customer service/deliver" from the "functional area" menu. Click on "start."

Choose a carrier position from the search results and click on the "apply" button.

Enter your name and e-mail address in the appropriate boxes.

Review and agree to the privacy policy.

Complete the personal information, work experience, education and training, general eligibility and veteran's preference sections fully and accurately.

Paste a cover letter, summary of accomplishments and driving history.

Complete the authorization and release section as well as the EEO & Disability questionnaire.

Submit your application.

Physical Requirements

Carriers are required to be able to stand, sit, crouch, twist, and bend over.

Carriers are also required to be able to have full capacity of both arms and hands and be able to lift up to 70 pounds.

Carriers must also be able to walk over uneven, wet, or icy terrain and be able to climb up and down stairs.


All carriers must take and pass the Postal Service Exam Test 473 with a score of 70 or better. Review PS-Publication 60-A, Test Orientation Guide.

Take the practice exam that is included in PS-Publication 60-A.

Schedule your exam through the USPS website.

Take the exam.

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