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Parts Manager Job Description

A parts manager contributes greatly to the company’s overall success. He will provide expertise, training, and act as a liaison with both the employees and the general public. He has to maintain a professional appearance at all times, responding in a manner consistent with the company’s image. Generally, a parts manager will lead a staff of five or more people. He will be responsible for maintaining a good working rapport between the employees and will have hiring and firing authority.


A parts manager is responsible for distribution of parts to customers and employees, both commercial and the general public. He will run a profitable department and manage items such as inventory control, staffing, and security. He may be responsible for pricing and display of parts. Generally, a parts manager’s salary will be between $35,000 and $65,000.


Many companies require a two- or four-year college degree with at least a few years of related experience in the desired field (such as automotive or industrial). A parts manager must be highly organized, have excellent social skills, and be able to handle several tasks concurrently. He must be able to make sound decisions regarding the business and involve upper management as necessary.

Inventory and Parts

The parts manager will maintain an inventory to match the requirements of his company and its customer. He will determine the proper pricing to maintain an acceptable profit. The parts manager will be sure that parts returned as defective or under warranty are properly coded and inventoried so that the company will receive its credit from the manufacturer.

Paperwork and Rules

The parts manager will typically analyze internal costs (sales and expenses) to ensure proper profit. Additionally, he may be responsible for inventory maintenance, including elimination of obsolete or non-selling parts. The parts service manager will be aware of any laws and regulations that may affect parts sales. Any concerns or questions will be directed to a vice president or other company-designated official.

Marketing and Company Image

The parts manager will likely be involved in sales and marketing projects to find new supplies, suppliers, and markets for parts distribution. She or he will handle customer complaints efficiently, quickly, and thoroughly to portray the company in a positive, caring manner.

Technical Expertise

If the parts manager is in a dealership or similar business, he will make sure that each mechanic or technician receives the proper parts to ensure successful repair of the vehicle or machine. The parts manager will have technical knowledge to assist customers and employees as needed, and access to reference materials to ensure appropriate completion of all work.

Special Orders

The parts manager will follow company policy to order special items, working with other managers (purchasing, operations, and service,) and ensuring that parts are distributed effectively for all jobs. If necessary, the parts manager will contact outside vendors or manufacturers in an attempt to satisfy the customer’s needs.

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