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List of Jobs That Require Keyboarding Skills

Since personal computers were widely introduced in the early 1980s, more and more jobs have required keyboarding skills. Fortunately, the keys on a keyboard are similar to those on a typewriter and most people made a quick transition to keyboarding. Today, any job that requires the use of a computer also requires keyboarding skills, especially for the facilitation, storage and accuracy of work.

Marketing Research Manager

Those who hold a marketing research manager position require keyboarding skills to design questions, work with databases, use various statistical models, write reports and develop presentation pieces. The marketing research manager also must be adept at keyboarding to create the annual research budget and write his research plans and proposals. Marketing research managers often use word processing software for reports, spreadsheets for their annual budgets and presentation software when they present their research findings to upper management.

Data Entry and Processing

People who work in data entry and processing jobs are required to have keyboarding skills. Data entry clerks often enter data from hard copy reports or tape recorders. Much of the historical data on the Internet would not be available without the keyboarding skills of data entry personnel. Data entry employees often need to type up to 60 or 70 words per minute to keep up with their workload.


Receptionists need keyboarding skills to reference client lists or patients when they come in for a visit. Medical receptionists are constantly adding patient information and medical records as more people select their doctor for basic medical care. Additionally, receptionists require keyboarding skills to enter billing information and process payment transactions. Receptionists can use keys to dim their computer screen, which can help ensure a greater degree of information confidentiality.


Today, all engineers need basic keyboarding skills to work with CAD (computer-assisted design) and CAM (computer-assisted mechanics) software programs. Engineers must have excellent keyboarding skills to use CAD and CAM for building product models on their computer, which requires the ability to use codes and the mouse with various software programs.


Teachers are required to have keyboarding skills to maintain records of students and their grades each quarter or semester. Elementary school teachers also use their keyboarding skills to write reports on students such as IEPs, or individual education plans, for their students. Teachers also use software programs to track attendance, create seating charts, construct lesson plans and import test banks and answer keys. Teachers also use graph plotting software to track student's grades and create math worksheets.


The job of a pharmacist requires keyboarding skills so this professional can enter prescriptions for patients, look up their health care information or search for information about drugs online. Pharmacists also use keyboards to maintain a patient's records, educate patients about their medicines and monitor their usage of various prescriptions, which can help prevent adverse reactions in patients.

Other Positions

Other jobs that require keyboarding skills include salesman, human resources manager and web designers. Salespeople must enter their sales calls and orders at the end of the day. Human resource managers keep records of their employees and salaries and process applications and forms for newly-hired employees. A web designer must use a keyboard for creating websites for small businesses or corporations.

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