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The Top 10 Jobs for Females

Women, specifically those who are married or have children, tend to have different responsibilities than men. Since men and women are different on many levels, the types of careers that women seek may be different from those of men. CNN Money and Forbes have published some of the top career choices for women as of 2010. CNN bases its list mostly on the jobs that are the highest paying, while Forbes bases its list on the fastest-growing positions for women.


One of the best paying jobs for women is a pharmacist, according to CNN Money. CNN includes a pharmacist position as one of its top 10 because the average median weekly salary is $1,475, and 43 percent of pharmacists are women. In addition, when you compare the salary for women to men that are pharmacists, the women’s pay rate is 75.5 percent of that of men.

Home-health Aide

Home-health aide positions are booming for women. With an aging population that continues to live longer, more individuals need in-home health care. Advances in medicine make it possible for patients to recover from procedures at home rather than in the hospital, but these patients require home-health-care aides to change bandages, remove stitches or check on the patient’s condition. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health-care jobs will increase by 50 percent by 2018. According to Forbes, the median income for a home-health aide is $20,500 yearly. Home health aides that fall in the top 90 percent of the field have a median income of $29,500 per year.


According to CNN Money, lawyers top of the list of careers for women. Financially, the average median salary of a woman who is an attorney is $1,449 per week, which is 74.9 percent of that of a male lawyer’s average median salary. Of the attorneys working, about 36.6 percent are women.

Dental Hygienist

Taking fifth position on the Forbes list of top jobs for women is dental hygienist. The average salary for a dental hygienist is $67,500 annually, but hygienists at the top of their field can make as much as $93,000 per year.


Doctors, physicians and surgeons also top the CNN Money list of career choices for women. Doctors, physicians and surgeons can work for doctor's offices or hospitals or have their own practice. CNN Money puts the average median weekly salary at $1,228, which equals 64.2 percent of the salary for male doctors. Approximately 34.3 percent of the position is composed of women.

Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists made both of the lists of top jobs for females. It ranked number seven on the Forbes job list and number 10 on the CNN Money list. Since this position is also in the growing health-care industry, it explains the expansion and growth that requires additional women, bringing in an average median weekly salary of $1,155.

Personal Trainer

Personal training is another top role for women because it allows women to create a flexible work schedule. In addition, women can assist those who are health- and fitness-conscious. Because living healthy lifestyles is a growing priority for individuals, personal trainers are in demand. The median income for a personal trainer is $40,000, according to Forbes.

Legal Assistant/Paralegal

A legal assistant or paralegal is another well-paid position that allows women to work in the legal field. Because it doesn't require as many years of coursework as becoming a lawyer, it is a good way for women to get their feet in the door of the lucrative legal industry or work while continuing their education. According to Forbes, the median income for paralegals and legal assistants is $40,000.

Instructional Coordinators

Instructional coordinators work to evaluate and improve the quality level of teachers, school curricula and school technology. Forbes says these positions are in great demand, and women can earn a salary of about $40,000 annually.

IT Manager

Another well-paying top job for women, according to CNN Money, is IT manager. Technology is constantly changing, and companies' needs to keep up with these changes make this an invaluable position. Women's median weekly salary is $1,411, which is 70 percent of men's median salary in the same position.

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