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NGO Job Descriptions

From saving baby sea-turtles to teaching literacy in third-world countries, an NGO (non-governmental organization) launches humanitarian and ecological missions into the public conscience. An NGO--a term for non-profits outside of the United States--posts job descriptions for office and hands-on positions. Descriptions call for goal-oriented individuals who have already started to dedicate their life's work to undertaking a particular public-awareness mission. While NGO job descriptions often call for candidates with years of experience and intense knowledge in a field, an array of entry-level and administrative jobs in the NGO world can prepare an employee to advance within the organization.

General Job Descriptions

The NGO industry includes four main segments: business, professional, labor, and political. Similar organizations include civic and social organizations, social advocacy organizations, and grant-making and giving services. Religious organizations, legally NGO's, also make up a major segment.

About Making Profit

Relying on a small group of paid staff, voluntary service, and financial support of large numbers of their members or the public NGO’s do not exist to make money for owners or investors. That does not mean an employee at an NGO or non-profit does not make money. An organization can charge fees (like annual membership fees) or sell products (like books or event tickets) that generate revenue.

NGO's and non-profits can make revenue that exceeds expenses, thus turning a profit. However, that profit must always go toward furthering the mission even if that means giving a top employee a raise from those funds because of the quality work they contribute to the project or mission.

NGO Support Job Descriptions

Larger NGO's offer, and require, administrative support jobs. Advocacy, grant-making, and civic organizations tend to employ bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks, receptionists, interns, executive secretaries, administrative assistants, and office managers.

Management Descriptions

Chief executives in advocacy, grant-making, and civic organizations create policies and manage an office or project's daily operations. The chief executive officer reports to the board of directors, which is ultimately responsible for success or failure of a project.

In a larger association with offices around the world---like UNICEF or PEN American Center---chief executives may direct specialty managers who manage one section of the organization (like a mission or clinic in a small African village) to ensure the goal is underway. In smaller associations, executives direct many or all of the NGO's branches and personnel.

NGO Specialty Managers or Program Assistant Jobs

Common types of operations specialty managers in advocacy, grant-making, and civic organizations include social and community service managers and program assistants. Job descriptions for these positions call for employees to plan, organize, or coordinate social service activities or community outreach initiatives. Specialty managers oversee the program or organization's budget and polices including participant or membership involvement.

According to an job post for the NGO China Labor Watch (which promotes the rights of workers in the People's Republic of China) the program assistant may assist researchers, write reports that details goals, obstacles and condition, coordinate reports published with other organizations, and manage education and training-related programs. Work may also involve directing social workers, counselors, or probation officers.

Public Relations Specialists Job Descriptions

NGO public relations specialists handle functions such as media, community, consumer, campaigns, and interest-group representation. Employees in this job prepare press releases, cull members to join the organization or campaign, and contact media people who might print or back their material in broadcasts or TV ads.

Fundraising Jobs

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic 2010-11 report on NGO's, public relations specialist jobs in the field specialize in fund-raising and membership and sometimes come with the job title director of development or a similar title. Fundraisers locate financial sources and other gifts needed to keep an organization or project running.

NGO fundraiser job descriptions call for candidates who can ask for large financial gifts from individual donors, solicit bequests, host special fund-raising events, and apply for grants. The fundraiser may also write powerful letters and blogs encouraging the public to join their mission. In smaller organizations, the director of development also acts as the fundraiser.

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