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Construction Manager Job Benefits

A construction manager plans, develops and oversees residential and commercial construction projects. Construction managers keep projects organized, on budget and on time. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 61 percent of construction managers are self-employed. However, those who work for construction companies and project designers qualify for valuable job benefits.

Health Insurance

Most salaried construction manager jobs provide standard health insurance benefits such as medical coverage for routine health care and emergencies. According to, about 75 percent of professionals in this position receive medical coverage in addition to more than 55 percent of individuals who also receive dental coverage. also reports that about 40 percent of individuals in this field have vision benefits as part of their health packages.

Health insurance helps cover medical bills and maintain good health.


Many construction manager jobs provide vacation benefits. You are entitled to paid time off provided by your employer. Although many positions require a construction manager to work overtime during nights and weekends to complete a project, construction managers in some parts of the country are also provided ample time off during the winter.

Paid vacation time provides respite from the demands of construction management.

Accident and Life Insurance

A construction manager is considered vital to the completion of a construction project. Some companies insure their construction managers to protect against possible financial losses in the event of a project's delay due to your temporary or long-term injury. As a result, many construction managers and their families are provided the benefit of a company-paid accident and life insurance policy.

Accident insurance covers lost wages.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for construction managers in 2008 was $79,860 per year. Some construction managers involved in large-scale projects earn more than $100,000 annually. In addition, firms offer you bonuses based on successful completion of projects that come in ahead of schedule or below initial budget.

On occasion, a bonus may be paid in cash.

Vehicle Allowance

A construction manager travels to and from job sites on a daily basis. Because of this job requirement, many companies provide you a company vehicle or they provide a separate vehicle allowance in addition to your normal rate of pay.

A construction manager may be provided a heavy-duty truck.

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