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CRM Administrator Job Description

Implementing customer relationship management (CRM) software can increase the productivity of a company's employees. In charge of supporting this vital software is the CRM administrator---an important technical and social link between the complex structure of the CRM system and the employees who must use it every day.


The CRM administrator is the "boss" of the CRM application. The administrator is responsible for interpreting, editing and customizing the CRM to fit the needs of the company. Even in large enterprises, there are often only one or two CRM administrators; thus, it is extremely important that the administrator is confident in his abilities to work with all facets of the CRM.

In addition to maintaining the CRM system, the administrator must also train, coach and support the employees who use the CRM software.


On a daily basis, the CRM administrator will respond to questions from users throughout the company. She will also provide support and troubleshooting on the system, making changes as needed.

In addition, the CRM administrator is often involved in meetings when management wishes to discuss changes to the system. In these discussions, the CRM administrator represents the interests of her users within the company and also the integrity of the CRM system.


CRM administrators have a strong information technology (IT) background. A bachelor's degree---preferably in computer science or a related field---is required. Additional education, particularly in database management, business, programming or IT infrastructure, is beneficial.

Some commercial CRM application companies also offer certification for their particular software.

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According to Salary, the median salary for a CRM administrator (as of November 2009) is $87,521. To achieve this average, a CRM administrator must have both experience dealing with CRM applications and a solid educational background.

CRM administrators in major cities generally enjoy higher salaries, making over $100,000 per year according to SalaryExpert.

Administrators who work as part of a team (and therefore do not manage the CRM system on their own) may receive a smaller salary, commensurate with their decreased responsibilities and workload.

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CRM administrators are independent. They are likely more people oriented than a stereotypical computer scientist, but they also fit right in as systems administrators, database developers or database administrators and webmasters. If a CRM administrator has at least a bachelor's degree in an IT field, nearly any entry-level computer or IT position will be open to him.

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